Arrests made in connection with protests

Protesters arrested in Hoover

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Protests over the officer involved shooting that killed E.J. Bradford Thanksgiving night at the Galleria have continued.

Over the weekend at least three protesters were arrested on misdemeanor charges. Mark Myles was arrested Sunday afternoon at the Galleria Mall and charged with disorderly conduct. UAB history Professor Alan Baer was also arrested for blocking interstate 459. Anne Susan Diprizio was charged for throwing Christmas ornaments on HWY 31.

“The city of Hoover is stepping up its effort to end all of this in Hoover. A misdemeanor charge is not stopping us from doing anything,” Carlos Chaverst with the Justice League said.

Chaverst said he is facing three arrest warrants -- all misdemeanor charges for his actions during the protest.

The city of Hoover has balked at making any arrests until the past weekend.

"There have a variety of opinions about how the protests have been handled. Certainly a lot of people wanted a variety of arrests immediately. There are other people who felt like there should not be any enforcement action taken,” said City Administrator, Allan Rice.

Rice said the city has supported the protesters constitutional right to protest to a point.

“What we can’t support are activities that go outside of those constitutional bounds where people become injured, or public safety is compromised or property is damaged.” Rice said.

Despite the arrests, protesters say they won’t let up.

“This is about Justice for EJ. EJ Bradford’s family. They no longer have their son,” Myles said.

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