Faith in Action AL holds Lament and Hope Walk for victims of gun violence

Faith in Action hosts lament and hope walk

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Faith in Action Alabama organized an event for those mourning a loved one lost to gun violence.

Hundreds gathered to honor their memories with prayer and hope for a better future. Everywhere you looked, you could read a name of a father, a mother, a son, a daughter or a friend killed by gun violence.

Loved ones held signs with names of victims of gun violence
Loved ones held signs with names of victims of gun violence (Source: WBRC)

“We were literally surrounded by death,” said Pastor Gregory Clarke. “Literally surrounded by gun violence. And it’s overwhelming. It puts you in a state of awe. To look at it and to visualized it, it actually makes it real.”

The Lament and Hope Walk was held for families at First United Methodist.

Pastor Gregory Clarke
Pastor Gregory Clarke (Source: WBRC)

“I can feel the grief, I can feel the pain from those families,” Candricka Sutton. “It’s overwhelming for me. I have two kids of my own. I can’t imagine not being able to hug them tonight.”

People wore t-shirts with pictures of loved ones, and watched a slideshow to remember people killed by gun violence.

Families like Sheila Everson’s still want justice. She lost her nephew in February.

Sheila Everson (middle)
Sheila Everson (middle) (Source: WBRC)

“It’s sad. It’s like all these babies are gone,” she said. “Someone’s loved one. Someone’s son, father, sister, brother. We all lost somebody in our life and it hurts.”

And with every name, it brought more awareness to the need for an end to gun violence.

“I’m just wondering, when will it stop? Not one more,” said Candricka Sutton.

Candricka Sutton
Candricka Sutton (Source: WBRC)

Faith in Action ended the Lament and Hope Walk with a discussion to resent strategies of hope for 2019.

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