How you can fight back against holiday package thieves

How USPS is protecting your packages

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s the time of year when thieves love to steal packages right off your front porch.

With increased deliveries around the holidays, the United State Postal Service is letting customers know about options they have in terms of protecting their items.

If you’re going to be out of town for a few days, they advise you to put your mail on hold.

They also suggest looking into getting a post office box, simply because packages are safer at the post office than they are sitting out in the open.

In addition it’s good idea to sign up for "informed delivery.” You’ll get an email from the postal service every day.

“This allows you to be notified of the mail you’re going to receive. This allows you to check, did I actually receive this,” said Tony Robinson, United States Postal Inspector.

In certain cases, you can contact the post office and ask the letter carriers to leave the packages in designated spots when you’re not home.

“There are special instructions that they can have put in the carrier’s case that might describe, if I’m not a home, leave the package behind such and such. Getting the package where it’s not as plainly viewed from the street,” said Robinson.

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