Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office taking their holiday patrols into the sky

Shelby County Shopper Chopper

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Shelby County putting deputies just about everywhere this holiday season to keep shoppers safe.

Santa’s sleigh will not be the only thing flying around in the sky this holiday season. Shelby County Sheriff’s Office shopper copper will be fly high as well and Deputy Debbie Sumrall says it is to make sure no one is stealing your Christmas presents.

“Of course our deputies will be riding the neighborhoods and riding the neighborhoods,” Sumrall explained.

But they will also being in the sky looking for any grinches out there trying to steal someone’s holiday cheer. They say having a bird’s eye view helps in multiple ways.

“Monitoring the parking lots, and that helps the deputies on the road to have eyes above them, especially if you know in the high traffic of 280, it helps if we have a suspect vehicle that someone has called in from the parking lot. The helicopter can help look for that,” Sumrall said.

So for all those criminals out there, you should know that Santa Claus is not the only one who is always watching. The Shelby County Sheriff Office will have the helicopter in the sky a few days each week during this holiday season.

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