BBB of Central Alabama warning about Medicare card scams

Medicare Card Scams

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The people at the Hoover Senior Center got new Medicare cards this year. The new cards are designed to protect their Social Security Numbers, but a problem came up.

“That causes some confusion, and therefore who looks for opportunities in confusion? Scammers,” said David Smitherman, Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama.

The new cards that are going out this year do not have Social Security Numbers on them like in the past, so senior citizens don’t have to worry about their identity being stolen.

“This year, they started replacing all of the millions of Medicare cards, and will have a Medicare number like a credit card number,” Smitherman said.

But in the last few months, the Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama started getting a lot of calls.

"People are reporting they are getting telephone calls saying it’s Medicare calling and the new card will cost $25. Wire me money or pay me with iTunes cards or something crazy,” Smitherman said.

Smitherman adds that Medicare does not charge for the cards and will not call you. The Alabama Public Health Department has also put warning about the scam. If you have questions about the new card, go to or check with the Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama.

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