What are protesters’ rights?

What are protesters allowed to do?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - When we asked former federal judge John Carroll if protesters’ constitutional rights are protected when they block roads, he gave us a simple answer.

"No," said Carroll.

Tuesday night, protesters shut down part of the interstate in Hoover for a short time.

Carroll adds the right to protest has its limits.

“You can peacefully protest ,but you can’t create a hazard to public safety. You can’t keep people from shopping. And those sorts of things,” he said.

Carroll feels that the City of Hoover has exercised a great deal of discretion in allowing the protesters to march in places like Highway 31 and businesses.

“And I don’t think they (city) should be criticized for that. I mean I think they are trying to de-escalate the situation. But if it continues, they may have no choice but to take some sort of action,” he said.

City leaders say that did happen Tuesday night, when the protesters took to the interstate.

Police did break it up and the protesters left peacefully.

"We will not condone the blocking of roads. When this occurs, vehicles will be removed, and individuals will have to disperse. We have two trucks on standby to assist Hoover Police Department with these actions,” said Hoover City Administrator Allan Rice, in a statement to WBRC.

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