Shelby County Chambers merging together for good

Shelby County Chambers combine

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Business owners in Shelby County say this news is very exciting for them. They say it brings big opportunities for the future.

As a businessman, Casey Morris says he has seen the impact South Shelby Chamber of Commerce has made on Grounds Coffee in Chelsea. As it joins Great Shelby County Chamber of Commerce he expects the impact to double.

“I think a unified voice goes a long way in attracting new businesses and new developers to the area," Morris explained.

As Shelby County grows, the two organizations realized that they were almost competing for the same opportunities.

Jacqueline Gardner is a 2018 Chairperson for South Shelby County Chamber 2018, and will also have a leadership role with the The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce come January. She says when the two organizations saw that they had the same goals for Shelby County, combining made the most sense.

“We are seeing now that businesses are crossing those city lines and looking to grow their business across the county, and so we want to provide those services and outreach to businesses across our entire county no just maybe in one community,” Gardner explained.

The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce has a new Vision Statement which reads, “To be a champion for Shelby County as the premier place to live and do business."

They also have a new Mission Statement reading, “To partner with community stakeholders to support stability and foster economic vitality throughout Shelby County.”

The newly combined organization will have their first luncheon on Jan. 10 to discuss infrastructure in Shelby County. To attend or for more information on how to get involved visit their website.

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