Pastors 4 People group raises more than $30K to help employees impacted by daily protests in Hoover

Pastors 4 People in Hoover

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - A gorup of protesters have spent nearly every night protesting in the streets of Hoover for justice in the shooting death of 21-year-old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr.

Area pastors said the daily protests are coming at a cost to some.

Employees at Hoover businesses are feeling the impacts of the daily protests.

Pastors 4 People, a group of pastors across the county, is stepping in to help.

The group is spearhead by Pastor Buddy Gray and Pastor Mike McClure, Jr.

McClure said employees at Hoover businesses are feeling the impacts of the daily protests.

He said employees at some of these businesses inside and outside the Galleria are being sent home or working limited hours due to the protests that are happening on the streets night after night.

“This protest is happening and the reality is, I think you saw it last night, it’s not slowing down. So what then do we do?” asked McClure. “We as a church body step in and say to every person who may be getting sent home, to every person who isn’t getting the hours you need, to every person who is worrying about how I’m going to provide for my children, somebody’s thinking about you and praying for you,“ he continued.

(Source: Jamiese Price/WBRC)

Those prayers happened inside Hunter Street Baptist Church. White, black, Baptist, Methodist, and non-denomination stood hand-in-hand.

130 pastors across Jefferson County came together to help those feeling the effects.

The answer was more than $30,000. The pastors raised the money in a matter of minutes.

“I think that’s a blessing so they can come now and say don’t worry about how your child’s Christmas is going to work. I know we can’t help everybody, but I believe it’s the church’s job at large to at least try to help somebody,” said McClure.

Helping those who are hurting was one part of this meeting. The other part - unity.

The pastors prayed for peace, healing and understanding.

(Source: Jamiese Price/WBRC)

“We’re praying that everybody involved, from Birmingham to Hoover, rich, poor, black, white, and brown, the protested and the protesters, police officers and the Bradford family, Molly‘s family, Brian’s family - everybody is hurting, and I think that’s what’s been missed right now,” McClure continued.

If you have been affected by the protests and need assistance, visit

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