I-59/20 bridge replacement project happening in January

ALDOT gives update on I-59/20 bridges

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - On Thursday, Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) announced the I-59/20 bridge replacement project will see the bridges come down in January. The target date will be revealed in January. ALDOT is going to spend a lot of money, and have a public relations campaign which begins Monday. It will basically warn drivers the bridges are coming down, and you need to get ready with your plan for getting around a major headache in downtown Birmingham.

A key to help drivers will be the new access ramps that have been opened, and others that will be finished before the bridges come down. The 17th Street ramp will help you get into downtown. 11th Street and 25th Street will also help. Drivers are being told if you can, bypass downtown going to I-459. A lot of drivers will get off at Carraway Boulevard and head to Findley Boulevard.

“Identify new routes you need to take. Also get familiar with new ramps. Especially in the Red Mountain Expressway, so you will know how to utilize those to maneuver around downtown,” DeJarvis Leonard, Regional Engineer with ALDOT said.

ALDOT will be driving people to their website and Facebook page to look at ramps to get into and out of downtown. There will be detours you can take to move around construction.

Again the big key is patience. The construction will take 14 months. The contractor gets a $250,000 bonus each day he finishes early, or a penalty if he finishes late.

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