Erron Brown’s attorney wants all videos of Riverchase Galleria Mall shooting released

Erron Brown's attorney and family address the media

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Brown family is asking for the public to hold any judgement about Erron Brown until after all the evidence is presented. Brown’s attorney Charles Salvagio said videos could be crucial for clearing his client.

“We believe when the video is shown. Not necessarily the body cams, but videos form the mall. We believe it will show very clearly that Erron Brown was not the instigator of this,” Salvagio said.

Hoover police said there was a confrontation between Brown and others, including EJ Bradford, that lead to a shooting.

“These people knew each other. This could have happened anywhere. Somebody wanted it to happen at the Galleria,” Salvagio said.

Salvagio said he wants to see the videos and bodycams of the confrontation between Bradford and the Hoover police officer. Bradford was shot and killed. Police say he had a gun in his hand.

The Brown family and Salvagio will not talk about details of the shooting that night at the Galleria.

“I just want the facts to come out. I just want the facts to come out to clear my son’s name,” Ebony Brown, Brown’s mother said.

Salvagio may ask to move the case out of Jefferson County.

“There are are already referring to him as the shooter. You don’t refer to him as the shooter unless you know something about the facts,” Salvagio said.

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