Gardendale seniors stop to help woman in mall shooting aftermath

Teens help woman during Galleria shooting

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - Three seniors from Gardendale High School, all trained in sports medicine, exemplified grace under fire.

They stopped to help a woman who was injured in the moments following the mall shooting that happened Thanksgiving night, but they don’t want to make a big deal of their situation.

“I didn’t really think it was serious,” says Anthonia Anwah.

“I just went to go help,” says Aiyana Hines.

“It just happened, it was just an instant,” says Ajah Robinson.

These girls were in their car, trying to rush out of the parking deck after shots were fired inside the Galleria mall.

“We were trying to leave and then we see a lady on the ground, so I instantly pulled over to the side and, us three, we hopped out,” says Anthonia Anwah.

They asked the family if they could help at all, and then jumped into action.

“She was laying on the cold concrete so we had to do the 45 degree lift, which, when she got C-spine right here, I put the coat underneath her back so she wouldn’t get cold and go into shock,” says Aiyana Hines.

The girls had actually been training those exact moves for weeks with their athletic trainers.

“We put a lot of time and effort into theses kids and we’re proud when they take what we’ve done in class and they actually help somebody in the real world,” says Coach Brad Myrick.

The girls say the woman suffered a concussion and a fracture in her pelvis at the very least. The family has been in contact with the coaches, thanking the girls for being there. The woman they helped has a long road to recovery ahead. And these girls say their training helped them keep their emotions in check until the job was done.

“Like in the moment, I wasn’t scared at all. Until it was time for us to go, that’s when I, like, completely broke down,” says Anwah.

They want to continue on this path of helping others, seeking a future in sports medicine, nursing, and physical therapy.

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