Final CFP rankings to be released today

Final CFP rankings to be released today
Here's a look at the 2017 season bowl game lineup, leading to the College Football Playoff Championship on Jan. 8.

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The day of reckoning is finally here. Later today, the College Football Playoff Committee will reveal the four teams that will be playing for the National Championship.

It is unlikely that the top three will change from last week’s rankings. Currently, Alabama is number one, Clemson is number two, and Notre Dame is number three.

Both Alabama and Clemson won their title games last night and managed to remain undefeated. Notre Dame does not play in a conference, but managed to run the table this year with three top 25 wins against Michigan (7), Syracuse (20), and Northwestern (21).

Likely the biggest debate will be over who gets the last remaining spot. Currently, three teams are considered to have a shot for the last remaining playoff berth.

Coming into this weekend, Georgia is ranked fourth, Oklahoma fifth, and Ohio State sixth. Both Oklahoma and Ohio State won their conference championship games yesterday. Georgia barely lost last night to number one Alabama in the SEC Championship game.

So who has the better argument for making it in?

Georgia Bulldogs:

Argument for: Georgia lost last night in a close game to Alabama. Their only losses were to Alabama (1) and LSU (10). They have wins against two top 25 teams.

Argument against: Georgia has two losses and they did not manage to win their conference. A two loss non-conference champ has never made it into the playoffs.

Oklahoma Sooners:

Argument for: Oklahoma won the Big 12 Conference Title yesterday against the 14th ranked Texas Longhorns. Their only loss came earlier this year to the Longhorns in a close game. They have three top 25 wins against Texas (14), West Virginia (16), and Iowa State (23).

Argument against: The Oklahoma Sooners are 124th in total defense. You read that right. Only six teams have given up more yards than the Oklahoma Sooners this year.

Ohio State Buckeyes:

Argument for: The Buckeyes defeated Northwestern last night to win the Big 10 Championship. They have three top 25 wins against Michigan (7), Penn State (12), and Northwestern (21).

Argument against: For the second year in a row, the problem for Ohio State is who and how they lost. They only have one loss. However, that one loss was a 49-20 beatdown by a 6-6 Purdue team.

So who makes it in? Depends on how you measure the teams.

Those who cite the “eye test” can make a cause for Georgia making the top four. Georgia played a gritty game against Alabama. The game last night was the first time any team has taken the number one team to the wire. However, the Bulldogs do have two losses and are not conference champs.

If you go by wins and “best losses", then Oklahoma makes a good case for being selected. But can the CFP Committee look past their atrocious defense?

If you go by “best wins”, Ohio State has the best win having beaten seventh ranked Michigan 62-39. The CFP Committee cited their horrific loss to Iowa last year their reason for including Alabama over Ohio State. Will the CFP give them a pass on the Purdue loss this year?

The CFP rankings will be released later today. We will keep you informed about who makes it and who ends up on the outside looking in.

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