Protecting yourself from strep throat

Preventing strep throat

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Kids close together for long periods of time, sharing different toys, pencils and more. It’s the perfect conditions for strep throat to spread.

“It’s spread from respiratory secretions, like mucus and saliva. It’s pretty easy for them to just maybe exhale or cough or sneeze and spread it around,” say Dr. Max Hale with Birmingham Pediatric Associates.

He says the symptoms of strep throat are specific and unique to that illness.

“Commonly represented with sore throat, you commonly have a fever, often some lymph nodes that are enlarged,” Hale says. “With strep throat, the tonsils become pretty red sometimes some white the tonsils and on the roof of your mouth called petechiae."

The best advice doctors give to protect yourself are the same as that of the cold or flu - lots of hand washing and using hand sanitizer.

If your child is sick with strep, recommend waiting until they appear better and twelve hours have passed since their first dose of antibiotics.

“Typically, it responds pretty fast. So, we’ll have some children who have prolonged symptoms after they’ve begun treatment, but most times it improves pretty quickly,” Hale says.

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