3 most asked questions about the Galleria shooting

Key questions as investigation moves forward

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Folks still have a lot of unanswered key questions about what happened inside the Galleria on Thanksgiving night that lead to a Hoover police officer shooting and killing Emantic Bradford, Jr.

Three questions we’re hearing most from our viewers are:

1. Why has no description of the real suspect been released?

2. Why hasn’t the body cam video been released yet?

3. How long does an investigation like this last?

We reached out to the State Bureau of Investigation about the first two questions. They responded with a statement saying “SBI does not release information in relation to ongoing/pending investigations."

As far as a timeline for the time an investigation might take, we spoke with District Attorney Danny Carr, the man who will most likely prosecute the case.

“Each case, and the circumstances are different dependent on the amount of witnesses, circumstances under which a situation occurs, the cooperation of the witnesses, locating those witnesses, got to remember ballistics and all those things that go along with making a case, so there’s no set timetable,” says Carr.

We will keep you updated on any more information as it becomes available.

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