Calvin Tucker “Doing Good” for Homeless Cats

Calvin Tucker is a stray cat's best friend.
Calvin Tucker is a stray cat's best friend.(Source: WBRC)
Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 1:31 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Calvin Tucker is a stray cat’s best friend. Every day he feeds 92 stray and feral cats at 14 locations all over the Birmingham area from Highway 280, to Homewood, to Bessemer, to McCalla.

These are the forgotten felines living in the alley-ways behind businesses, in the bushes surrounding shopping centers, anywhere they can find a little food to get by. That's where Calvin comes in. He puts out plastic tubs to keep the feeding stations dry and special warming boxes in cold weather.

Some of his friends call him Cat Daddy because he seems to be a cat whisperer who can coax a skittish cat to come to his food bowls. When asked why he does it he explains, "I think it's God's work, God put it in my heart to do it. As long as I'm breathing and I have a sound mind and I'm healthy I'll be feeding cats."

Calvin hasn't always been a cat lover. In fact, he used to hate cats, described himself as a dog person and told people he was allergic to cats. So what happened? Three years ago, Calvin found a tiny gray kitten sitting next to his car. He says there was something about the way it looked at him that made it impossible to walk away. That kitten is now Henry the cat. Calvin says, "It had to be Henry. it could be no other cat. Once I touched him it was over." That was the beginning of Calvin's mission.

He hopes to create happy endings for other cats. In addition to feeding them he traps those that are not too wild. He pays for their neutering or spaying and then finds homes for them. In the past two years 71 of Calvin's cats have been adopted.

It’s an expensive mission costing thousands of dollars each year. Calvin is able to do it with the help of donors and volunteer fosters. You can find out more on his Facebook page.

Calvin says his goal is simple, "Get them a home, get them out of these bushes and get a home. That's the goal and that's my true reward."

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