Attorney General announces CBD guidelines after Shelby County CBD store arrest

AG announces CBD guidelines

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announced guidance Tuesday on the possession of CBD, a chemical compound in marijuana which is illegal in Alabama.

Marshall says medical use laws passed in 2014 and 2016, like Carly’s law, provide protection from prosecution but you have to meet certain requirements before you can possess it.

Marshall released the guidelines after Harry Autry who goes by BJ was arrested last week for allegedly selling CBD products at his Shelby County store off Highway 280. Two closed signs now hang on the CBD Store's windows.

We spoke with Autry over the summer. At the time, Autry claimed none of his products had THC in them. It’s the part of the marijuana plant that gets you high.

"If you have any tight muscles tense muscles you will kind of feel them loosen up a little bit. You will feel like maybe a calmness come over you so if you have any anxiety or depression it helps with that,” Autry said.

But the Shelby County Drug Task Force says testing found traces of a controlled substance. Autry is facing possession and distribution charges.

Captain Clay Hammac says there is a lot of misunderstanding out there about the possession of CBD oil. He says state law though is very clear.

"As the Alabama law reads today, CBD products. CBD based products regardless of THC content are illegal in the state of Alabama,” Capt. Hammac said.

On Facebook, Autry tells WBRC: “All I’ve tried to do for the past several months is help people get relief and run a good above-board business. I’ve never tried to hide anything. I’ve paid thousands in sales tax to the state of Alabama and Shelby county each month. You would think they would be grateful!"

Autry went on to say he’s tried doing the right thing but feels he got the bad end of the deal.

You can read more on the Attorney General’s guidance on CBD here:

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