Air It Out: Iron Bowl Memories

Episode #13

Air It Out: Iron Bowl Memories
Tide and Tiger greats reflect on the biggest game of the year, the Iron Bowl. (Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s Alabama. It’s Auburn. It’s the Iron Bowl! Records don’t matter when bragging rights are on the line. On this special episode of Air It Out, former Auburn QB, Stan White, and former Alabama DB, Antonio Langham, talk the 1992 Iron Bowl.

“You’re just waiting for one team or the other to make a big play.”

The most famous moment from the ’92 Iron Bowl was Langham’s pick six in the 3rd quarter. The huge play finally put some points on the board, the game was 0-0 before that, and completely shifted moment towards the Crimson Tide. Hear as both men recall that play from their perspective.

Plus how things changed the following year for the 1993 Iron Bowl.

And with this being such a big game for the state of Alabama, we’ve packed this episode with other Tide and Tiger greats!

Hear Greg McElroy break down “The Drive” from the 2009 Iron Bowl (And check out his full Air It Out episode here.)

And who can forget “The Streak” and “Fear the Thumb” - well Bama fans may try to. Hear former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville reflect on the six-game win streak the Tigers racked up against the Tide in the early 2000’s. (And check out more from the Riverboat Gambler in his full episode here.)

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