Fan attends 59th Iron Bowl in a row

Fan attends 59th Iron Bowl in a row
Jeff Cohn with grandson Hudson (Source: WBRC Fox6 News)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Jeff Cohn doesn’t have any recollection of his first Iron Bowl in 1960. But he does remember his second, in 1961, when he was six-years-old.

This week, Cohn, a 64-year-old realtor who lives in Gadsden, will attend his 59th Iron Bowl in a row. The lifelong Crimson Tide fan graduated from the University of Alabama in 1976 with a degree in Accounting.

During his time, Alabama won 35 of those Iron Bowls and lost 23. He’s watched coaches ranging from Paul “Bear” Bryant to Nick Saban and all those in between, including Ray Perkins and Gene Stallings.

“I still think that bear Bryant is a little (very) ahead of Nick Saban as best coach,” Cohn tells WBRC. “Subject to change any time.”

When we asked for his favorite players, Cohn mentioned two: quarterback Pat Trammell, who later died of cancer, and running back Mike Fraccia,

“He used to dive for a touchdown when they got close to a touchdown,” Cohn recalls.

Among his favorite games:

  • Joe Namath throwing jump passes in 1963
  • The Kenny stabler run in 1967  to win 7-3
  • The 1971 game when both when Alabama went undefeated and won 31-7 as Johnny Musso ran for over 200 yards
  • The 1981 game when Bryant won his 315th game to break Amos Alonso Stagg’s record
  • The 1985 game when Vann Tiffin kicked a 52 yard field goal as time expired to win 23-22
  • The 2008 Iron Bowl when Alabama broke Auburn’s 6 game winning streak
  • Any game the Crimson Tide won in Auburn.

His least favorite games were any time Auburn won, specifically the "Punt Bama Punt!' game resulting in a 17-16 win for Auburn, and the 2010 game when Cam Newton led Auburn to a comeback.

He hasn’t missed a game in that time, but he recalls a near miss.

“I guess the game that I almost missed was 2013 when I broke my hip,” he says. “With the help of Rick Hagedorn and my son Alex, I made it.”

Cohn says the attire he usually wears is just a Bama shirt and slacks.

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