Finebaum reports frequent caller Tammy Bullard was victim in fatal Hwy. 280 accident

Crash kills Tammy Bullard and infant

SYLACAUGA, AL (WBRC) - Two people were killed Friday morning in an accident on Merkel Mountain and Old Sylacauga Highway.

Sylacauga police confirm one of the fatalities was an infant. Paul Finebaum posted that frequent show caller Tammy Bullard was also a victim.

Sylacauga Fire says a truck transporting hazardous materials overturned. Evacuations were ordered for the immediate vicinity of the incident, but no further evacuations will be necessary.

Emergency crews are expected to be on scene for several hours.

Remembrance of Bullard has spread amongst Finebaum’s loyal fanbase, including with “Jim from Tuscaloosa,” another frequent caller to the show.

Jim said he and Tammy were friends away from the Finebaum Show and that he was the first to call the show Friday. He was emotional on the phone.

“She would defend things from Auburn," he said. "She used to irritate me and then I finally got to know her. I understood she was no different than I was. She was intensely passionate about her love, which was her team.“

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