Tuscaloosa City Council approves construction of new apartments near campus

New apartment building approved for UA students

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The Tuscaloosa City Council approved the construction of a new apartment complex being built near the University of Alabama campus.

The complex, called Uncommon Tuscaloosa, will be built at the site of a current apartment building at 1214 Bryant Drive.

The seven story building will have 132 units and 296 bedrooms. The proposed height of the building concerns city councilor Sonya McKinstry.

“I do have an issue with anything that’s going to be that high. I do not want it ever over the stadium," McKinstry said.

She also worried how adding more apartments could create a glut of empty apartments in the city.

Aislyn Galford, a University of Alabama senior, just wants apartments near campus to offer better parking. “Preferably that they have parking decks underneath them so there’s not a lot of street parking in this area,” Galford added.

The building will also have 305 on-site parking spaces, but it’s not clear when construction could start.

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