Norwood neighbors say trash and brush pickup isn’t consistent

Norwood residents are fed up with trash not being picked up

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -“ We live in a 100 year neighborhood , you have 100 old trees and you lose a lot of limbs", said Mary Jean Lamay.

She said the pickups aren’t happening in a timely manner. Now her neighborhood looks unkept.

“I have a small pile of limbs in front of my yard right now that they’ve missed during the last few times they’ve picked up,” she continued.

Why all the mess?
Why all the mess?

A quick drive in the neighborhood Monday night shows LaMay isn’t the only person with brush piles sitting at the curb of their front yard .

“ It’s one of those things that I call every time they are supposed to pick up and have missed it. So, I’ve probably called 311 about six times of missed pick up days.”

Norwood’’s pickup day was Friday, November 9th. It rained on Friday. Monday was a holiday.

“Once there’s one pile of trash, then there’s another pile, and then another pile becomes there. When my pile doesn’t get picked up its easy for someone to leave another pile and add to the problem,” said Lamay.

Norwood neighbors are also dealing with trash dumped illegally. A representative from the mayor’s office said they’re investigating the illegal dumping.

“It definitely gives the lack of hope in the neighborhood because it makes it look like the neighbors don’t care about their neighborhood. “

A representative with the mayor’s office said Birmingham Public Works Department started picking up the brush in Norwood on Tuesday and will continue Wednesday.

WBRC was also told Inspectors will launch an investigation for code violations on the pile of trash left outside of empty apartments in Norwood. Once an investigation has been completed, necessary actions will be taken to address this matter.

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