Hoover BOE approves pay raise for classified employees

Hoover School System approves raises

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Tuesday night, the Hoover BOE passed a much-anticipated boost in pay for some Hoover City Schools employees.

The board voted to approve a salary raise for classified employees who work outside of the classroom. It was a fairly quick vote with four board members voting yes, while Kermit Kendrick opposed.

But these classified employees only needed three votes, and when it passed, a lot of them stood up and starting clapping. This is news these classified employees have been waiting for, some for over ten years.

We’re talking about employees like bookkeepers, maintenance crews and custodians. Many of them have had to work multiple jobs to keep afloat.

But now that the board has voted to use $1.2 million of the budget toward raises, that may no longer be the case.

Carol Steinert has worked at Hoover High School for 25 years as a bookkeeper for the athletic office and has had to work two jobs. She said this vote is life changing.

“It’s a big relief for a lot of people that have been interviewing for a lot of jobs or have been thinking about going to other school systems. Just to alleviate some stress on the families and everything,” she said.

To clarify, these employees did receive state-mandated raises, but not district raises.

The finance committee told the board members the budget can handle this $1.2 million. This pay raise will go into effect December 1 and will be reflected on the December 30 paycheck.

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