New Holt High School opens in Tuscaloosa Co.

New Holt High School opens!

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - It’s been a long time coming. Some excited students walked into a new school in Tuscaloosa County.

It was a very big day for students, parents and the entire Holt community who’ve waited so long to walk through the doors of the New Holt High School on 44th Court Northeast.

The newest school in the county replaces the oldest one built in 1944. The 500 student capacity school has a tech center, band, a choir room, and administrative and counseling center. Also their media center and fine arts classrooms are new additions to the building.

'Everyone has smile on their faces and everyone is excited to be here,” said Jonathan Luker Holt. a High school Junior.

"Just like that new environment just not looking at old cracked walls. It just keeps kids focused, said Sam Wagner, a Holt High School Junior .

Both juniors said they hope generations to come can be proud of their new school and appreciate it.

New Holt HS opened Tuesday

The Holt community wanted this new school badly. The old Holt High School, built in the 1940′s, was the oldest in the Tuscaloosa County School system.

Students say among the things they like about this new building is the all new technology they can now use.That newness also gives them a sense of pride.

“I feel like it gives them motivation to say they can do this, you can do this too. And it’s a kind of team work thing of when you see someone that’s down you kind of help pick them back up,” says student Kendall Grant.

Holt High will still use the football field and some other athletic facilities at the old location. However, the school system could also sell that property in the future for the right price.

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