Helping veterans to get off the streets

Helping our veterans

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Veterans are being celebrated Monday for the national Veteran’s Day federal holiday.

Still veteran assistance programs said more help is needed.

Three Hots and a Cot is a non-profit program which has worked for the last eight years to provide a place to stay for vets and where they can be put into programs to help find work or deal with personal issues.

“It’s some what better because there are more organizations out there that are able to help,” Richard Cislak, the non-profit’s co-founder said.

The Saint Benedict’s Veterans Center is providing two veterans a place to stay. Army vet Stephen Brown has issues with PTSD.

“If I am able to get back to where I was. My goal is to be independent. My own transportation, my own house so my grand kids can come visit,” Brown said.

Army vet William Hunter has physical issues that make it difficult for him to work.

“I have an upper hernia. My blood pressure. I’m on a liquid diet for now,” Hunter said.

Three Hots and a Cot has seen 1400 veterans come through its doors in Birmingham the last eight years and the demand is still there.

“It’s housing. It’s their income. A lot of the veterans who came through our program, they can’t work any more. They are disabled. They are on a fixed income,” Cislak said.

Cislak said they are getting donations to help their vets but some vets can’t run out of time in VA programs. Brown and Hunter are optimistic their lives will be better thanks to this program.

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