City of Tuscaloosa hosts Veteran’s Day program

City of Tuscaloosa hosts Veteran's Day program

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Heavy rains changed the location of Tuscaloosa’s Veteran’s Day program.

But it didn’t stop people from showing up to show service members they’re welcomed and appreciated. Veterans like Willie Rutley appreciate the people who showed their support and patriotism by attending Tuscaloosa’s Veteran’s Day program in the rain.

“Well you always going to have a devoted few regardless of what the circumstances might be and this day is really big to a lot of people,” Rutley told WBRC.

Dozens gathered under the picnic area at Snow Hinton Park to pay tribute to service veterans gave to the country.

“Today’s ceremony is special. I look back at it and reflect on my service to the country because I volunteered when I was seventeen,” Cleo Blackburn, a Korean War veteran, added.

Guest speaker, retired Air Force Colonel Duane Lamb, said the Tuscaloosa community has always supported veterans over the years.

“We’re grateful we have men and women who serve this nation in the past and currently,” Lamb told WBRC.

He added there’s also something simple people can do to honor the service of veterans whether they attended the ceremony of not.

“There are many veterans that serve our country. But a lot of them are right here in our community. So seek them out and tell them thanks for your service,” he concluded.

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