Mayor of Oakman calling for full investigation into Pike County wall collapse

5 Players injured after wall collapse

OAKMAN, AL (WBRC) - Five players were injured in an accident in the Pike County locker room Friday night and Oakman’s Mayor wants answers.

Pike County’s Superintendent says the state fire marshal’s office will begin an investigation next week to figure out why this partial wall collapsed Friday in the visiting locker room injuring five Oakman high school players before their game against Pike County.

"In my opinion it’s unacceptable. And it’s something that I don’t feel should have happened and our kids should not have been placed where something like this can happen. From what I’ve been told taking to one of the coaches, it was an unfavorable condition when they arrived,” Mayor Cory Franks said.

The team was about to warm up for the game when the 15-foot-long, 6-foot-tall wall made of cinder blocks fell. We spoke with one of Oakman’s players Friday night.

"Everybody’s trapped under the wall starts screaming. Get it off of us! Get it off of us! So me, Luke and few others we all ran the wall and picked it up off of them,” Jaedon Mitchell, who plays on the team said.

We’re told some of the injured players are still in Birmingham hospitals.

"We’ve got one kid that’s at UAB that’s awaiting surgery. Another kid is still at Children’s. I was made aware that he’s going to have to stay at Children’s another night. The injuries they have are pretty significant,” Franks said.

Mayor Franks and others are asking for continued prayers for the team.

"We’re grateful and thankful that it wasn’t as serious as it could have been. And that they are all ok. And going to see another day,” Franks added.

We’re told some of the injured players are starters. The Oakman/Pike County has been postponed until Monday.

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