Tuscaloosa Central High School students make mats for the homeless from plastic bags

Tuscaloosa students helping the homeless

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Fran Wuebold got an idea to help the homeless from a short story her class at Central High School read. They watched an internet video to learn how to make plastic bags into mats.

“Ground mats for the homeless as part of the MYP Project which is part of the IB program,” Wuebold said.

The bags are cut apart, then twisted and shaped until they start to look like rope and tied into what can best be described as a mat. It takes as many as 600 to 800 plastic bags to make into a mat.

The class started in mid-October. And it’s more than showing tenth graders how to crochet plastic. It’s designed to show kids how to become more familiar with their community and how they can address issues in a positive way.

“The plastic will keep the dew and the wet off them because of the thickness. If they sleep on a bench, it will keep the wind from coming underneath them,” Wuebold explained.

The class wants to make more mats that can be donated to Tuscaloosa’s homeless before the holiday season ends.

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