Last Call: Birmingham firefighter retires after more than 30 years

BFD Lt. Hudson retires after more than 30 years

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -Saving lives and fighting fires for three decades has come to an end for Birmingham Fire Lt. William Hudson Sr.

Friday, November 9th was the last call for Hudson. For the past five years, Hudson has served the Central Park community from Station 24.

“It’s been a lot of years and a lot of tears. On this job you get both. But, you get more years than tears,” said Hudson when talking about the job.

Hudson was hired January 30, 1987. He was inspired by his best friend, Lt. Rod C. Bailey, who was a firefighter at the time. Bailey was also a lieutenant at Station 24.

And for any aspiring firefighters, Hudson said “If you love serving, this is the job for you.”

Hudson says there are no immediate plans for a vacation. But, after some well deserved rest, he says he ‘might’ take a road trip with his wife of 31 years, Daphne.

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