Baby shower dessert customer receives is not what she asked for

Updated: Nov. 9, 2018 at 6:31 AM CST
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It was a baby shower Adrienne Falden had been planning for herself for months.

“It’s a very emotional and exciting experience at the same time," Falden said.

Falden is expecting a baby boy in December and wanted the perfect centerpiece for the perfect celebration, so a friend referred her to someone who could get the job done.

Falden contacted Richmond-based cake artist Mr. Baker, who said he could make the cake of her dreams.

“It was supposed to be a two-tier cake,” said Falden. "The top tier was supposed to be a replica of a diaper cake and it was supposed to be royalty because that was the theme of my of my shower.”

Based on the quality of Mr. Baker’s previous cakes posted to social media, Falden says she had no reason to doubt her cake would come out any different.

"I asked the guy that made my cake if he could make it and he said ‘yeah, I could do something similar to that,’” said Falden.

Documented in a series of messages via Facebook Messenger since August, Falden says she communicated about every detail of her dream dessert with Mr. Baker and gave a picture example of the cake she wanted, which Mr. Baker said he could create.

Once the details were worked out, Falden paid almost $140 for the cake.

But when it finally came time to deliver the goods, Falden says there was problem.

The cake shown didn’t match the cake Falden asked for.

The cake she received was a one-tier cake topped with chocolate covered strawberries, a far cry from her carriage and diamond topped dream cake.

Even though the cake didn’t quite stack up to her expectations, Falden felt the shower had to go on so she accepted it. But after the shower was over and everyone at the party ate the cake, Falden changed her mind and demanded a full refund.

But Mr. Baker said because she consumed the cake, he told her she would not receive a full refund.

Being told I was going to get something and then getting something else nowhere near what I asked for was just very disappointing.

Though he declined an interview, Mr. Baker’s publicist issued a statement saying in part that they would give Falden a full refund, but added that according to their policy, once you agree and accept something that you are responsible and accept the total due.

"If your customer is not satisfied you don’t really have a strong business,” said Falden.

If you should find yourself in a similar situation, you’re urged to check and understand the refund policy before agreeing to buy anything.

According to the Better Business Bureau, businesses and caterers are required to disclose their return policies.

If a store does not properly post its return policy, you are entitled to a refund or credit (at your option) within 30 days of purchase, as long as you have a receipt or purchase verification and the merchandise is undamaged and unused.

Check that an item has a tag attached when you buy it. If it doesn't, inform the salesperson and make sure that he/she makes note of it on the receipt so that you won't have any problems if you need to return the item.

Ask the salesperson whether a particular item is returnable or exchangeable, and to clarify any policies that may be unclear to you.

Save all receipts or other paperwork for the items that you purchase. Most retailers will not give a refund or exchange without a proof of purchase.

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