Some campaign signs still up days after election

Cleaning up election campaign signs

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - You don’t have to travel far to see campaign signs still up days after the election in Jefferson County.

“I feel as if people don’t care once the election is over. They don’t care about going back and picking up their signs,” said Dianne Gailbreath.

Some voters don’t like the way campaign signs litter their community after the election is over.

“It’s trash. I live close to here at the church and it looks ugly,” Sandra Blackshear said.

McCalla Representative Allen Farley along with his wife Muriel were out in a light rain picking up campaign signs on Thursday.

“If we are going to be responsible. If we are going to to be accountable. If we are going to be transparent, really care about the community we represent. We want to to make them look as good as possible,” Farley said.

Farley will be putting up a thank you sign to voters for one week before taking them down. The lawmaker said it is financially beneficial for candidates to get their signs.

“It’s a huge investment. Just for us in our house district race we spent $6,000 in signs,” Farley said.

Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos said penalties involving campaign signs staying up are not being enforced.

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