Maddox and supporters address his loss in Alabama’s gubernatorial election

What's next for Walt Maddox?

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Walt Maddox made no promises about his future soon after conceding he lost the Alabama gubernatorial race to Kay Ivey Tuesday night.

“It’s so premature to think about it. It’s a long time. You never say never in politics," he told reporters.

Maddox offered few specifics about his political future following a big loss Tuesday night in the race for Governor. “We’ve got several years to think about anything like that.”

His loss to Governor Ivey was the first of Maddox’s political career. It left supporters saddened and stunned. “I’m still feeling that same hurt from last night,” Donna Murphy-Foster explained,

Murphy-Foster, also a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, understands why several people were in tears. “I know it was hurtful for a lot of them cause you put in time, energy, money.”

Maddox says he looks forward to continuing his work as Mayor of Tuscaloosa. “My only regret is coming up short for all my volunteers, all of our supporters, and that’s on me,” he concluded.

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