Keeping kudzu bugs out of your home

Keeping kudzu bugs out of your home

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s that time of year. The kudzu bugs have been out in force in certain parts of Alabama and people don’t like it.

We see the Kudzu bugs in spring and fall. This time of year, homeowners need to watch out if they have kudzu growing nearby. “By now, they are starting to die off or start moving indoors over winter and that is when we have problems with them in the fall they come inside,” said Sallie Lee, Urban Regional Extension Agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

That means you need to take precautions to keep the bugs out of your home. “Make sure our screens are in tact. Make sure you have a screen door with wire that is in tact. Check the sweeps at the bottom of the doors. They can come in a very small spaces,” Lee said.

The Cooperative Extension Service doesn’t recommend using a pesticide inside your home. But don’t smash the bugs - they can stink and cause stains. If the bugs get inside, use a vaccum to get rid of them and throw away the bag. You could try to get rid of kudzu, but that may be difficult.

“As long as we have kudzu and we are in Alabama, we are going to have kudzu bugs,” Lee said.

That’s not good news for some. "Get them out of here. I don’t like them too much.” Amison said.

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