AL Governor’s race in final days of campaign

Candidates' final push in Gov. race

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - We’re just days from finding out who will be the next Governor of Alabama. Incumbent Kay Ivey and her opponent Walt Maddox are crisscrossing the state heading into the final weekend of the campaign. Both camps are counting on you to show up at the polls.

Governor Ivey thanked top automotive executives Thursday evening at the Alabama Automotive Manufactures Association dinner in Hoover. Ivey says the state’s auto sector continues to grow.

"Just like an engine drives a car, the automotive manufacturing industry drives our state,” Ivey said.

Ivey is in the final days of campaigning against Democrat Walt Maddox. Over the past several months, Ivey’s been campaigning on the state’s low unemployment rate and job opportunities. "Reminding them at Alabama is working again and they are very pleased, and everybody is proud to have Alabama on the right track and they want to keep it that way,” Ivey said.

Meanwhile, Maddox says it’s time for change. He’s pushing to create an Alabama education lottery similar to Tennessee that he says will provide workforce training for every citizen of the state. Maddox also wants to expand Medicaid.

"Alabama’s at a tipping point and this election is about past versus future. Do we want to hold on to the politics of the past that has gotten us 46th, 47th, 48th, and 49th in everything that matters? Or do we want to take a leap into the future?” Maddox said.

A debate has been a major topic during the campaign. Governor Ivey hasn’t agreed to one.

"Now certainly my opponent to my knowledge yet wants to engage in any sort of meaningful debate about who wants to chart a course to a brighter future,” Maddox said.

"I have no plans to debate my opponent. Alabamians know my record. They know what I stand for,” Ivey added.

On Monday, both campaigns will fly around the state encouraging people to get out and vote. While Ivey has been leading in the polls, Maddox feels he has a path to victory hoping people will vote for the candidate over the party.

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