New parking lot coming to city’s Parkside district

New parking lot coming to city’s Parkside district
(Source: WBRC Video)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A new technology-driven parking lot is being planned for Birmigham’s Parkside district.

Developers at Orchestra Partners plan to build a new pay parking lot at the corner of First Avenue South and 13th Street. It will have 72 parking spaces with an intuitive pay system that allows you to pay through a phone app.

The lot recently got approval from Birmingham's Design Review committee. Developers say additional parking is critical to the area's growth. People we spoke with at Railroad Park say parking can sometimes be a nightmare in that area.

"It should help a lot because there's absolutely no parking in this area. Like it's a big struggle trying to find parking especially like on the street and stuff,” Alexa Maziarz who lives in the Birmingham area said. "Not even at the meters can I park. Half the time they are filled up…Anytime I do have to park downtown, I'll either have to walk far away or just give up,” Brittany Allen, who lives in Birmingham said.

The company plans on adding landscaping and bright lights for the lot that could be up and running by January.

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