Editorial: Stronger than hate

Editorial: Stronger than hate

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following is an editorial from WBRC FOX6 News General Manager Collin Gaston, which first aired on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018:

Stronger than hate. That’s the message thousands are sharing on social media following the horrific shooting at a Jewish synagogue over the weekend that killed 11 people. These three words, even more profound, when used in context with the seemingly endless acts of hate this year. Even as I was writing this editorial on Monday, I received a breaking news alert about a North Carolina High School student dying after being shot and killed by another student.

Given the options of weakness or strength when battling evil - we must always choose strength if we hope to have any chance of reducing acts of violence against one another. With strength, we must also choose courage over fear. A world where you can’t go to church, work or school because you are afraid of being hurt or killed is not the kind of world any of us can accept.

And lastly, speaking out versus staying quiet is the only option. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will change if we don’t treat this as a life and death matter. This isn’t hyperbole – lives are being snuffed out at an all too frequent rate. Our children and our children’s children don’t deserve a world where hate rules. We must be stronger than hate.

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