Bryan Kirkland; a good neighbor “Doing Good”

“I consider him my guardian angel. He saved our lives.” - Paulette Payne

Doing Good: Bryan Kirkland, a good neighbor

LEEDS, AL (WBRC) - A woman and her three little dogs were attacked by two pit bulls in a quiet Leeds neighborhood last Thursday and the hero who saved them may surprise you.

Paulette Payne is recovering from bruises and two of her dogs have stitches after the pit bulls attacked them outside her home.

Bryan Kirkland lives about a mile away. He’s a paraplegic who happened to be cycling the neighborhood that morning in his state of the art, recumbent handcycles. He heard Paulette screaming for help and took action.

Bryan Kirkland say, “The only thing I knew to do was go flying up in the driveway and yell at them and I got between her and the pit bulls and loud as I could yelled at them. I knew I couldn’t get out of my handbike but I had to intimidate them.” He yelled at them, “Go get, get out of here.”

The two pit bulls ran away as Bryan called 911 and Paulette got safely inside with her injured dogs.

She says Bryan is her hero, "I consider him my guardian angel. He saved our lives."

But Bryan is no ordinary hero. He is a three time medalist in the Paralympics. Two gold medals, one bronze on the U.S. Paralympic Rugby Team. He’s also a member of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

Bryan is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. Those pit bulls never had a chance and now these two neighbors have a new friendship.

Bryan says, "I've been helped many times and I guess I'm thankful I was able to give to somebody else."

Bryan Kirkland, a good neighbor “Doing Good”.

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