What stopped Tommy Tuberville from running for AL governor

Air It Out: Episode #9

What stopped Tommy Tuberville from running for AL governor
The former Auburn Tigers coach joins Rick Karle on the latest episode of Air It Out. (Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The “Riverboat Gambler” talks Auburn’s six straight wins over Alabama in the Iron Bowl, the “JetGate” scandal, and how Coach Ed Orgeron helped him meet his wife. Plus, did Tommy Tuberville seriously consider running for governor in Alabama?

Highlights from the interview include:

Tuberville’s advice for young coaches

“Have you a plan and stick with it. If you change back and forth, you can’t ever survive at one of these big schools.”

His success playing against top ranked teams

“One thing I learned from Jimmy Johnson was, when you go into a big game, you don’t just go in to protect yourself and have a game plan. You go in to win. You teach your guys, listen, we’re 17 point underdogs, 14 points, it makes no difference, we’re going into win the game…teach your players that we’re going to take chances…”

On the Iron Bowl streak, the “fear the thumb” comment, and getting under the skin of Alabama fans

“I did it for the [Auburn] fans and players because I really wanted them to understand how important it was to all of us. I got a lot of bad mail and bad press saying he’s rubbing their nose in it, but it’s a rivalry game. That’s what it’s supposed to be.”

“I had to add onto my security. Normally when I travel in the state I had one state trooper with me, but the more we kept winning the more I had to add on to my security detail when I did speaking engagements around Alabama folks, they were getting a little mad at me."

His thoughts on “JetGate” scandal

“The problem I had was there was no communication from the Athletic Director to me. We had an interim president named William Walker. He had no clue, he didn’t know whether the football was stuffed or pumped…he was trying to make a name for himself. And of course Auburn’s been known for doing stuff behind the scenes. I was gone, I was history…they had already hired [Bobby Petrino]…people said no no no, we’re not going to do it this way at Auburn. The people of Auburn rallied around it…and I had my say so, and we had another good 6,7 years after that.”

Running for governor

“I really intended to pull the trigger on that, leadership is what’s needed in a lot of these political venues, but when [Robert] Bentley was impeached and [Kay] Ivey moved up, I figured she’s a good Auburn lady and hey let her go, she’s probably going to run again, I pulled out and the rest is history.”

Would Alabama fans vote for him?

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have Nick Saban. I ran the rest of them off.”

Check out the full episode to hear even more from Tommy Tuberville.

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