Ghostly investigation with Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal

VIDEO: Paranormal investigator shares experiences

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - This Halloween we are taking a close look at paranormal investigations and how they work. Whether you believe in ghosts, phantoms and demonic spirits, or if you think stories come from the mind of creative fantasy-seekers, the evidence we uncovered is chilling.

We met up with Alex Bobulinski of Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal. He says he has been aware of entities since he was a child.

“One of the earliest I remember I was about 10 years old. I was in my bedroom upstairs and I looked up and happened to see a man sitting in the rocking chair in my room and I felt safe around him, I feel like it was possibly my grandfather who I never met,” said Bobulinski.

Although he never saw the man again, Bobulinski says he has experienced other things such as strange lights, shadows, full-bodied apparitions and voices. Bobulinski says his experiences have inspired him to take the curiosity to the next level.

“I just continued going with it, I continued doing the research, and eventually got into the investigative side,” Bobulinski said.

So we met with him at Bass Cemetery. The location in east Jefferson County has become known as one of the most haunted places in Alabama. With the popularity gained from reports of spirit encounters, the dead in this cemetery have more visitors than some of us living beings!

The cemetery is overgrown with weeds, but it’s evident someone comes out and periodically maintains the grounds. There are some flowers on several graves and some of the markers have been replaced with newer headstones. On the other hand, some of the markers are busted, cracked, or fallen.

During our investigation, Bobulinski showed us his tools: audio recorders, electromagnetic energy detectors, an infrared thermometer, and dowsing rods. At one point, the dowsing rods moved when we asked if there were any spirits who wanted to communicate. Then, they pointed us towards unmarked graves. Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal wants to remind anyone curious about spirits to respect places they visit. Bobulinski says a lot of times he sees vandalism or things left behind, but the only thing he leaves behind is peace offerings.

“It’s not only somewhere a spirit might be, but it’s a place of history and sometimes beautiful places that unfortunately get graffiti on, destroyed, people steal gravestones, all kinds of stuff like that, so definitely respect these places,” said Bobulinski.

And he says he has heard of curses being placed on those who disrespect the dead. Although Bobulinski says he isn’t sure who or what he’s communicating with, he says he has gotten intelligent responses. He believes there is a difference between ghosts and demons. He says ghosts could be animal or human spirits of something that was once alive, but he thinks demons are more of an ancient entity that people should avoid.

Bobulinski hopes to continue his investigations and to learn more about the unknown. When it comes to non-believers, Bobulinski says to each his own.

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