Judge rules Jefferson Co. Circuit Judge nominee ineligible

Published: Oct. 22, 2018 at 10:29 PM CDT
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Judge nominee disqualified

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Just two weeks from election day, there’s no Democratic nominee in one Jefferson County judge race.

Monday afternoon, we learned a judge found Linda Hall, who won the democratic primary, is not eligible.

Many are asking how something like this could happen so close to the general election, and with Hall’s name already on the ballot.

Others are asking who, if anyone, will run as the democratic candidate.

Peter Davis
Peter Davis(Source: WBRC)

We spoke with Peter Davis, who ran against Hall in the primaries.

He said there was a hearing last week after a lawsuit was filed against Hall regarding her residency.

A judge ruled Monday that Hall is ineligible to run because she doesn’t meet the statutory requirements.

The judge said Hall was not a resident of the 10th judicial circuit, or Jefferson County, 12 months before the election.

And now, Davis said, it’s only fair that he becomes the Democratic candidate .

Linda Hall ruled ineligible to run
Linda Hall ruled ineligible to run(Source: Facebook)

“If you take Linda Hall out of the equation, then that leaves nobody in that race,” said Davis. "It’s just disheartening to think that at the start of this race, there were two viable candidates on the Democratic side. Now we’re down to almost less than 30 days, less than 20 days, before the election, and the Democrats have no candidate in this race.”

Davis asks voters to write in his name regardless of whether the Democratic Party chooses him as their candidate.

We received the following statement from Hall:

I am saddened but not deterred by Judge Samuel Judkins ruling today. This is a voting right issue and just as I pledge to fight for Justice as a Judge I remain committed to ensuring the 28,733 voters who voted for me in the Democratic Primary have their votes counted. We will swiftly appeal this flawed ruling to the appropriate court.

We ask that Voters remain vigilant and vote on November 6Th. I am of the belief that the courts will rectify this. I ask and implore everyone who cares about the voting rights to join us on this journey to justice. It saddens me even more to know that in 2018 there are people who would stoop as low as to make so many slanderous untrue statements about me. My position is clear I am qualified elector and resident of Jefferson County and this issue has never been in question until the dawn of the general Election after I won, and was certified as the Democratic Nominee. Today I as I ask that people of good will support me by their words, votes and as I am under attack I really need your prayers.

Linda Hall

The incumbent in this race is Republican Teresa T. Pulliam.

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