Alabaster residents say water bills doubled in September

Alabaster residents upset over water bill

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - Folks in Alabaster say their water bills spiked in September and they’re not getting answers from the water board.

Krystle Harron works at this hair salon in Alabaster. She lives with her husband and their two children. They keep a close eye on their water bill –aware of even how many gallons of water they use.

“It’s anywhere between 3,400 and 5,400 a month,” says Harron.

But she was surprised when their September bill, which is normally between $70 and $80, came in at nearly $150.

“I mean, I could see, $85, $90, $100 even, but for it to jump up to $147? Doesn’t make any sense.” Says Harron.

Harron said she checked for leaks but didn’t find any. She’s not alone. Folks in Alabaster have posted to social media about their high bills.

Some saying they’ve reached out to the water board several times, without an answer. One person told me their family member received a $700 water bill.

“I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it, but it’s happening to so many people,” says Harron.

For Harron and several others, their October bills have gone back to normal, begging the question--what happened?

“The communication needs to be a bit better, there are concerned citizens wondering why their bill is so high and no one can tell them. And it’s just a little concerning.”

I reached out to the water board and was told their board manager is out of the office until Thursday. I emailed her with this information, asking what might have happened. We’ll let you know when we hear a response.

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