Maddox demands Gov. Ivey produce documents ahead of Nov. 6 election

Walt Maddox asks Gov. Ivey to release records

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Walt Maddox says Governor Kay Ivey can disprove allegations that a member of her security detail while Lieutenant Governor was demoted because he confirmed she had a health problem to one of his superiors.

He says she can disprove or confirm the claims by releasing information about what happened three years ago during a trip out of state.

"This is not about Governor Ivey’s health. This is about abuse of power. This is about a cover up,” Maddox told reporters Thursday afternoon.

Maddox, the Democrat candidate for Governor, demanded Ivey bring an end to the allegations made in a story by the Alabama Political Reporter.

It quoted former Department of Public Safety Secretary Spencer Collier who claimed Ivey had a state trooper assigned to her security detail demoted after he reported to a superior that she was hospitalized in April 2015 with what was described as mini strokes.

“If all of that is true, then Alabamians deserve to know and Alabamians do not deserve that type of leadership," Maddox continued.

He also called on the Governor to release all texts, emails, communications, and all other documents including her medical records that are related to an Apirl 2015 trip in Colorado.

“Governor Ivey has it within her power to dismiss all that this afternoon, just by answering these questions," Maddox concluded.

Governor Ivey’s campaign released this statement which reads in part:

“Apparently Walt Maddox isn’t just a liberal. He’s a lying liberal. The Governor and her doctor have repeatedly disputed these lies and provided detailed accounts to back it up. As it relates to the officer, that’s another Maddox whopper. News outlets reported last year that the officer actually received a promotion and raise in late 2015.”

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