Hoover council passes temporary moratorium on vape, pawn & payday loan stores

Hoover temporary moratorium

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - You won’t be seeing any new vape shops, pawn shops or title and payday loan centers opening in the city of Hoover anytime soon.

The council passed a 1-year moratorium Monday night. Current businesses of these types will for the most part be unaffected.

"Look, Hoover is a family-oriented community, and I want to protect our family values and protected our neighborhoods that are little bit older and more established,” said Casey Middlebrooks, who is on the Hoover City Council.

Middlebrooks sponsored the moratorium. Hoover’s upcoming master plan also factored into his thinking.

"We foresee the need to rewrite a lot of our zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations to match our master plan, which is to identify key areas of our city for redevelopment opportunities," he said.

The moratorium passed in a narrow 4 to 3 vote.

"In my opinion it was really a solution looking for a problem," said Councilman John Lyda.

Lyda was one of those against it and adds Hoover doesn’t have a lot of these types of businesses anyway.

"We’re in a period where we’re trying to recruit businesses. So really to come up with an ordinance that would outlaw future businesses of any kind is really anti-business,” he said.

However, Middlebrooks disagrees.

"We just all want to maintain our quality of life here in Hoover. And having a temporary moratorium on these types of businesses is going to help us in the long run recruit new businesses,” he said.

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