Greyhound Opens New Bus Route Connecting West and South Alabama

Greyhound adding bus services in West AL

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A new bus service now offered in Tuscaloosa will boost travel between West and South Alabama.

Riders walked off a Greyhound bus during a stop in Tuscaloosa before continuing to their next destination. The bus service now has a route connecting Tuscaloosa and Mobile.

“People in little towns who are not totally able to leave those towns. They don’t have people to come get them and take them places. Greyhound coming there, they’ll be able to go see their families,” Samuel Shorter explained.

Along the way, buses will stop in places like Thomasville and Demopolis to pick up and drop off riders. This new route was made possible through a federal grant.

“The federal government realized they service needed to be in small rural communities again and so they offered a grant to get the service started," according to Mark Szyperski, President and CEO of On Your Mark Transportation and a spokesman for Greyhound told WBRC.

Bus riders say it’ll make travel a lot easier for some of them.

“It’s a hard thing. You need more public transportation. A lot of people don’t have cars, licenses, none of that to get around." Greg Harris told WBRC.

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