Tuscaloosa Co. authorities cracking down on CBD oil sales

Tuscaloosa authorities cracking down on CBD oil

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A crackdown on the sale of CBD oil based products is now underway in Tuscaloosa County.

Investigators say people caught selling it could have those products seized and be charge with a crime.

West Alabama Narcotics Task Force agents started going to places like Northport’s CBD Oil Store on Wednesday to tell folks they can no longer sell those products in Tuscaloosa County.

“We’ve talked to a lot of people who told us medicinal marijuana is legal in the state of Alabama now. And that is incorrect. And they told us CBD oil is legal in the state of Alabama now. And that is incorrect,” WANTF Commander Captain Phil Simpson said.

Some municipalities weren’t sure if they could give business licenses to companies planning to sell CBD oil. The crackdown is the result of consulting with Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office and the Alabama Department of Forensic Science about the legality and chemical makeup of CBD oil.

“I’m not going to break the law. And if they tell me to stop, that will be something for the lawyers to take a look at,” CBD Oil Store owner Tony Bryan said.

Simpson warned that people now caught selling these products here could be charged with the distribution and sale of a controlled substance. He’s giving them the chance to take CBD oil based items off the shelf voluntarily.

“You want to speak about fairness. We could have gone in there with a U-haul, backed it up in there and taken everything off their shelves and charged them,” Simpson said.

We checked with authorities to see if any CBD oil products were seized or if anyone had been charged since the crackdown began. We’re waiting on their response.

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