Registered sex offender accused of using social media app to meet, assault teen

Man arrested after meeting girl online

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Pickens County Sheriff David Abston is warning parents after arresting 40 year-old Adam Naramore on two counts of sodomy.

Abston identified Naramore as a registered sex offender from Starkville, MS. Deputies accused him of driving this car to an undisclosed location in Pickens County last week where he beat and sexually assaulted a teenager.

“Investigators set up a sting where they contacted him and lured him back to the location where the attack took place where he was arrested,” Abston said.

He claimed Naramore used the social media app Whisper to meet the victim.

“Where kids can share their deepest thoughts that they can’t share with anyone else," Abston said of the app.

Now Abston wants parents to be more aware of what’s on their phones and who they’re talking to. People like Hazel Montgomery are heeding the warning.

“Because I have nieces and nephews and I have grandchildren and I don’t want them hurt,” Hazel Montgomery said.

“I think there may be some more victims out there. I think there may be some victims being black mailed to meet him again or he’s going to tell on them,” Abston said.

Naramore’s bond is set at $200,000.

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