Report: Walmart files patent for new shopping cart

Report: Walmart files patent for new shopping cart
The Walmart in Newport now has another way to help customers do their shopping, with company officials saying the new technology will provide customers a way to get online orders quicker and save money. (Source: Walmart Facebook page)

BENTONVILLE, AR (KAIT/TALK BUSINESS & POLITICS) - A new shopping cart that helps to read a customer’s heart rate, temperature and pace may soon be headed to one of the nation’s largest retailers.

According to a report from content partner Talk Business & Politics, Walmart recently filed a patent for the shopping cart.

“The abstract description of the invention says data is collected through sensors on the handle of the shopping cart and transmitted in real time to a data bank in the back room,” Talk Business & Politics reported. “Upon analysis of the data in near real-time, a store employee would be notified if a shopper is experiencing elevated pulse rate, clammy hands or other symptoms detected in the data.”

The cart would also be able to determine if a shopper is about to faint as well as tell if a customer is agitated or stressed, Talk Business & Politics said.

However, several customers expressed concerns to Talk Business & Politics about privacy issues including healthcare questions.

Another person, a Gen-X shopper from Elkins, told Talk Business & Politics that she would not use the cart.

“No, Just let me shop. I get enough unsolicited advice elsewhere,” the shopper said in the story.

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