Huricane Michael evacuees wait out storm in B’ham

Evacuees at Birmingham RV park

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - As Hurricane Michael tore through parts of Florida on Wednesday, many evacuees waited out the storm in Central Alabama.

There were 48 residents and 30 staff members from the Somerby Senior Living Facility in Santa Rosa Beach evacuated to a Birmingham hotel earlier in the week.

Local first responders helped them get off the bus and unload.

“Just like we would at their home, we provide all the nursing services, all of their support services and then all of the luxury services from their meals and activities and anything else that they need,” said Sheryl Klein with Somerby Senior Living.

Meanwhile, other evacuees drove RVs to stay in. The Birmingham South RV Park has been near capacity since Monday.

"I do hope that we find our house standing. I’m just glad we’re here and we have each other, and I hope just the best for everyone that is still there,” said Renee Davis, whose family evacuated from the Panama City area.

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