UA engineers create device that could stop hot car deaths

UA engineers create device that could stop hot car deaths

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - It’s something sadly we report about too often in the news, a child dying after being left in a hot car.

University of Alabama engineers have created a patent-pending device that can be placed in your car to detect if a child or pet has been left in a parked car that is too hot.

Engineers demonstrated how the device works Monday. Basically the device monitors carbon dioxide levels from human breath inside a car , along with temperature and car movement, using computer technology to determine when to alert a cell phone. You can program the phone to tell you exactly how to notify you, if in fact a kid or dog is still in the car, something creators hope one day will save lives.

“The fundamental thing is when a child is lost or the ones that aren’t reported when a serious heat injury occurs, it’s really need less there’s really no reason for that it should never have to happen,” said Dr. Timothy Haskew, UA engineering department head

No word just yet on when their device will be on the market for purchase.

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