Tuscaloosa Co authorites to crack down on businesses selling CBD Oil based Products

Tuscaloosa Co authorites to crack down on businesses selling CBD Oil based Products
CBD Oil-based candy sold from the CBD Store in Northport (Source: WBRC)

Tuscaloosa, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County Law enforcement says an up coming crackdown is the result of multiple entities in the county getting business license applications for the sale of cannabis oil or CBD Oil.

Starting Tuesday, they began visiting business selling products that contain the oil. But supporters argue what they’re selling is legal under a federal law.

A woman, who didn’t want her face shown, stopped by the CBD Store in downtown Northport to buy CBD Oil based candy.

″Because of some chemical imbalance in my brain that is not treatable with standard medical care," the 62 year-old explained.

She said she feels uneasy and on edge but feels better when she uses products with or based on CBD Oil. She was so nervous during the interview she asked to hold my hand.

“Uppers got me up. Downers to get me down all legally prescribed. But then when you are on that kind of stuff what are you doing to your body. And this doesn’t get give you that kind of rush,” the customer went on to say.

Authorities didn’t come there while Fox6 News was in the business. But the store’s owner did.

He argues what they’re selling falls well below the legal limit of THC allowed in these products under federal law.

"I’m not going to break the law. If they tell me it’s against the law and I have to stop that’ll be something for the lawyers to work out,” Tony Bryant expressed.

The West Alabama Narcotics task Force hosts a press conference Wednesday morning where they’ll talk more in depth about this issue. They didn’t want to talk about Tuesday’s action until then. We’ll be there and will let you know what they have tosay.

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