Northport group asks for help to send kids to an Alabama football game

Alabama Gameday mission of Northport Brown House

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - The couple that started and represents Brown House used Facebook to address Nick Saban’s request for enthusiastic fans to show up and stick around until the game ends.

They say they have a large group of youngsters who are willing to do that, but don’t have tickets to any home games yet.

“Nick Saban, we hear that you’re looking for some supporters at the game who will be cheering and excited and have great spirit,” Adam Pierce read.

That was part of a Facebook Post from Monday that’s been getting more attention lately. Pierce’s wife Amy came up with the idea how the plea for more fan support could help the football team and kids they serve.

“I saw the pictures of the empty student sections and I thought wouldn’t it be fun if we get could get some of our neighborhood kids to an event like that. Kids who don’t have a lot of opportunities to do things like that,” Amy Pierce told WBRC.

The Pierce’s founded Brown House more than a decade ago, They offer services, that include, but are not limited to a community garden, housing to families with children, Neonatal Intensive Care and mentoring.

“Our kids love Alabama football, there’s no doubt about it. For the kids to be able to go to a game it would blow their minds. It would be special,” Amy Pierce added.

A number of people, including those affiliated with the University of Alabama, were tagged in the post. The Pierces think the kids they work with could enjoy the game and show the same fan support Saban is craving.

“Often times kids who are on the outskirts of society don’t have the same opportunities that other kids do,” Andy Pierce concluded.

As of Tuesday morning, the Pierces had not heard from anyone offering Alabama football tickets to the kids they are helping.

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